Have you ever thought you would like to find
a record that would help you solve a mystery
in your family tree?

I have always wanted to know who my G-G-G-G grandmother's parents were. We knew that Lewis Hall married Mary W Scott. We could not find any document at the court house or Raleigh that connected her to her parents. My husband was recently looking at records on the National Archives website. He found the Cherokee Application for pensions and looked for people who applied from Stokes County. As he opened documents on people in my family there it was.

Check out the National Archives - Cherokee Applications

I could never find proof that her parents were Daniel and Ann Radford Poindexter Scott, but this was what we thought. As each grandchild of Lewis and Mary W Hall listed information about their family, one listed that she was the daughter of Daniel and Ann R Poindexter Scott. My guess work was proven.